Community Policing Data Act

Community Policing Data Collection

The 2020 session of the General Assembly passed a bill to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in Chapter 1 of Title 9.1 an article numbered 14, consisting of a section numbered 9.1-191, by adding sections numbered 15.2-1609.10 and 15.2-1722.1, and by adding in Title 52 a chapter numbered 6.1, consisting of sections numbered 52-30.1 through 52-30.4, relating to the Community Policing Act; data collection and reporting requirements. Updates to the original legislation were made per Chapter 37 of the 2020 Special Session I.

The bill states that each time a law-enforcement officer or State Police officer stops a driver of a motor vehicle, stops and frisks a person based on reasonable suspicion, or temporarily detains a person during any other investigatory stop, such officer shall collect the following data based on the officer’s observation or information provided to the officer by the driver: (i) the race, ethnicity, age, gender of the person stopped, and whether the person stopped spoke English; (ii) the reason for the stop; (iii) the location of the stop; (iv) whether a warning, written citation, or summons was issued or whether any person was arrested; (v) if a warning, written citation, or summons was issued or an arrest was made, the warning provided, violation charged, or crime charged; (vi) whether the vehicle or any person was searched; and (vii) whether the law enforcement officer or State Police officer used physical force against any person and whether any person used physical force against any officers.
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