Lock Shop Services

Lock Shop Services

Under the Department of Police and Public Safety, the Key Control Services Office has the responsibility of issuing keys to university offices. Individuals who have been authorized to have specific office keys can report to the Key Control Services Office with a GMU ID card to obtain the keys.

A properly signed and authorized key request should be sent from your department prior to key pickup. Exterior keys for access to buildings on campus will only be issued upon recommendation of the respective Dean of Vice President and approval of the Chief of Police. Please read University Policy 48: Building and Entry Access, for  further details and regulations.

With over 15,000 locks on all campuses, lock shop services has a vital role in keeping all of our buildings safe. The GMU lock shop service is located in Nottoway Annex and has two distinct roles: Key Control Services and Locksmith services.

How to get keys:

Submit the Building Key Issuance and Electronic Access forms that can be found in the forms page. Please fill out the form completely, to include the authorizing signature. You may submit the forms by mail to key control MSN 2A8, or bring them to the Nottoway Annex, Room 133. Only an original signed version of the key request form will be accepted. A lock shop employee will notify the individual when the key is ready to be picked up. A call will be made within a week to the number listed for key notification.

Locksmith Services installs and repairs all mechanical and electronic locks on campuses. Our service unit will diagnose and report all electronic lock problems to the Card Access Security Office.

For repairs to existing locks; to change, or to order new locks, please go to the Facilities Management “School Dude” work order system. If you have difficulty accessing or entering a work order, call them directly at (703) 993-2525.

  • Nottoway Annex Lock Shop Hours – (703) 993-2823
    • Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
    • Thursday’s 9am to 7pm
  • Arlington Lock Shop Hours – (703) 993-8207
    • Monday and Wednesday 9am – 1pm
  • Prince William Lock Shop Hours – (703) 993-8369
    • Tuesday and Friday 9am – 1pm

* Hours at satellite shop are subject to change due to coverage.