Special Events Staffing

Mason Police has the sole responsibility for providing police and security functions on Mason’s campuses. Police and security needs must be discussed with Mason Police by contacting the Special Events Officer at least two weeks before the scheduled event. Failure to consult with Mason Police may result in an event cancellation.

To begin a consultation with the Special Events Officer, please complete the Special Events Staffing Form below. Mason Police will evaluate your event and determine staffing of safety personnel based on the details provided.

Associated Costs, Rates, and Conditions

There is a three (3) hour minimum charge per staff member. Cancellations made at least twelve (12) hours prior to the planned event start will not incur a charge. The start and end time of staff is determined by the police department.

New Rates Effective July 1, 2022:

  • Police Officers: $61.00 per hour
  • Police Cadets: $19.50 per hour
  • Security Officers: $22.00 – $28.00 per hour
  • Communications Officers: $32.00 per hour
  • Non-GMU Police Officers: Rates will vary

Additional information about public safety and police staffing requirements can be found in the University Events Procedures Manual within University Policy #1103 – Space Utilization and Scheduling. Please direct questions or concerns to the Special Events Officer at pdevents@gmu.edu.

Special Events Staffing Request Form


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Please provide any other relevant information that will help University Police better understand the staffing needs of your event.