Departmental Roster

Departmental Roster

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Executive Staff

Chief of Police Carl Rowan, Jr.

Deputy Chief Emily Ross

Deputy Chief Michael Lighthiser

Deputy Chief  Thuan Ly 

Director of Administration Rubi X. DeHaven

Chief of Staff Eric Fowler

Command Staff

Police Captain Robert Spano

Police Captain Philip Surber

Reserve Officer Captain Steven Burmeister

Police Lieutenant Eric Aman

Police Lieutenant Calvin Chandler

Police Lieutenant Kevin Frields

Police Lieutenant David Ganley

Police Lieutenant Michael Guston

Police Lieutenant Keith Jochem

Police Lieutenant Patricia Millan

Police Lieutenant John O’Hare


Police Sergeant Orrin “Tony” Barton

Police Sergeant Steven Bennett

Police Sergeant Kyle Ganley

Police Sergeant Hannah Dillmuth

Police Sergeant Zachary Kessler

Police Sergeant Andrew Sanavaitis

Police Sergeant Travis Willis


Police Corporal Stephanie Bietsch

Police Corporal Donald Daniels

Police Corporal Edward Gannon

Police Corporal Ashanti Mumin

Police Corporal Sunsan Lee

Police Corporal Blaine Ries

Police Corporal Meghan Tallon

Police Corporal Joseph Toke

Patrol Officers

Master Police Officer Nathan Broughton

Master Police Officer Corey Rourke

Master Police Officer Aaron Taliaferro 

Master Police Officer Thomas Volpe

Police Officer First Class Abdulla Al Baiati

Police Officer First Class Lochlan Armstrong

Police Officer First Class Daniel Munoz

Police Officer First Class Marc Porcuincula

Police Officer Kayla Cyr

Police Officer Matthew Doyle

Police Officer Chase Honeycutt

Police Officer John Miller

Police Officer Phong Pham

Police Officer Daniel Vega


Lieutenant in Charge

Detective Sergeant Ryan Grant

Emergency Communications/Police Dispatch

Communications Direct Email

Communications & Records Manager Beverley Jackson

Communications Supervisor James Panagiotopuolos

Senior Communications Officer Carly Henson

Senior Communications Officer Kathryn Piccione

Communications Officer Allayah Battiste

Communications Officer Regan Hoch

Communications Officer Alicia Terry

Technology Manager

Rodney Huff

Key Control

David Lee

Joe Hart

Park Hoffman

Police Records 

Records Office Direct Email

Records Specialist Fariba Jamal

Records Specialist Jamie Ludwig