UAS (Drone) Flight Log

Mason Police currently operates small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) or “drones” for use in law enforcement and public safety incidents. For openness and transparency, Mason Police is posting this list of UAS flights which includes the date, location, flight duration, and purpose for each operational flight.

About UAS

UAS is a small uncrewed aircraft that is capable of sustaining directed flight, whether preprogrammed or remotely controlled and all of the supporting or attached systems designed for gathering information through imaging, recording or any other means.


It is the policy of Mason Police to maintain the UAS Team, either internally or through participation in a multiagency team and to provide the equipment, manpower and training necessary to maintain the team. UAS may be utilized to enhance the department’s mission of protecting lives and property when other means and resources are not available or are less effective. Any use of UAS will be in strict accordance with Virginia law, constitutional and privacy rights, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. All flights, whether operational or training, shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. All flights will be conducted following all applicable FAA regulations pertaining to the operations and certification of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems including but not limited to Title 14 CFR and Part 107. All members must exercise operational safety practices at all times.

Questions or Concerns

Questions regarding Mason Police UAS may be directed to Deputy Chief Michael Lighthiser at

Concerns or complaints regarding Mason Police UAS can be filed through Mason Police’s Complaint Form.

UAS Flight Log

NOTE: Training flights are not included in this list.

4/29/20239000 Block Main Street, City of Fairfax1 Hour, 45 MinutesMutual Aid / Bank Robbery 
3/29/2023 – 3/30/20237400 block Richmond Hwy13 Hours, 56 MinutesMutual Aid / Barricade
3/30/20233900 block University Drive23 MinutesMutual Aid / Suicidal Subject
3/25/20231000 block Viera Lane2 Hours, 45 MinutesMutual Aid / Shooting
3/24/20231400 block Lee Highway2 Hours, 27 MinutesMutual Aid / High Risk Court Order Service
2/18/202310000 block Holston Creek5 Hours, 43 MinutesTraffic Management
1/27/20236000 block Glenbard Road2 Hours, 38 MinutesMutual Aid / High Risk Court Order Service