Programs and Services

Programs and Services

The University Police Department is committed to provide the Mason community a safe and secure environment while allowing time to service our community with special event and project requests for the university community, as well as affiliated individuals.

The following activities performed by GMUPD will incur a recharge:

  • Safety Personnel for Special Events
    • University functions required to provide safety personnel at an event, are encouraged to contact Lt. Chandler, at to coordinate staffing.
    • Click here for the Special Event Service Form
  • Key & Lock Service
    • Our Public Safety Division houses the Key & Lock Shop. We provide a key dissemination and lock maintenance service to the Mason community. Click here for the key request form, or to transfer keys between employees, please use the key transfer form. Upon completion please email to
    • For repairs and maintenance please put in a work order through schooldude.
  • Non-Emergency Unlock
    • Non-Emergency Unlock requests will incur a charge of $21.30 per 30 minutes, as the university approved labor rate is $42.75 hourly. This will be charged automatically to the corresponding org, however we highly encourage coordinating with your department to avoid incurring the charge associated with a non-emergency unlock. If necessary, this service can be scheduled via email to


For more details regarding GMUPD recharge service rates, click here to view the Recharge Service Guide.

Traditional University Police Department services include: dispatch service window which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week for all public service inquiries, and the records office which is open 8am-12pm and 12:30pm-4pm Monday through Friday and by phone (703) 993-2803.

For non-emergency assistance or to reach a GMU PD officer please call (703) 993-2810.

For emergencies please call 911.