Police Officer

Police Officer Recruitment Information

Department: University Police
Job Category: Classified Staff
Role (State) Job Title: University Police
Working Title: University Police Officer
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Fairfax, VA
Salary: $43,200.00

Web Announcement
George Mason University, University Police Department invites applications for the position of University Police.

This online application is equivalent to the Commonwealth of Virginia State Employment application and is required.

Must be able to perform law enforcement and security functions within the University Police Department. Duties, responsibilities and requisite skills include providing vehicle, bicycle or foot patrol of the campus; responding to suspicious activities; resolving complaints; investigating criminal and traffic incidents; and providing first responder aid when required. Other skills required are interviewing and taking statements; making arrests; filling case reports; testifying in court; and assisting other law enforcement agencies.

Must successfully pass an in-depth background investigation; complete a course of instruction at a police academy approved by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services; the successful completion of a mandated Field Training Program administered by the department, complete a physical, polygraph and psychological examination; and be at a satisfactory fitness level. Must possess a high school diploma, or equivalent; advance degree desired; be at least 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen; and be able to obtain a valid operator’s license. No use of illegal drugs within the past 12 months and must live within a radius of 75 miles of the Fairfax campus.

Probationary Periods
As a new employee, you will be required to serve a probationary period of employment.

For new recruits, the probationary period beings upon completion of a 20 week course of instruction at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy.

For applicants that have been certified by another Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy and the Department of Criminal Justice Services, the probationary period beings with the date of your employment.