Departmental Roster

Departmental Roster

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Executive Staff

Chief of Police Carl Rowan, Jr.

Assistant Chief of Police, Police Services Division Brian Cozby

Director of Administration Rubi X. DeHaven

Command Staff

Police Captain  Thuan Ly

Police Captain  Emily Ross

Police Captain Philip Surber

Police Lieutenant Thomas Bacigalupi

Police Lieutenant Calvin Chandler

Police Lieutenant David Ganley

Police Lieutenant Michael Lighthiser

Police Lieutenant Patricia Millan

Police Lieutenant Michael Guston

Police Lieutenant Eric Aman


Police Sergeant Orrin “Tony” Barton

Police Sergeant Donald Daniels

Police Sergeant Michael Dean

Police Sergeant Kyle Ganley

Police Sergeant Jared Hagenow

Police Sergeant Keith Jochem

Police Sergeant Zachary Kessler

Police Sergeant Jessica DeLage

Police Sergeant Christopher Avery

Police Sergeant Steven Bennett

Police Sergeant Michael Weaver


Police Corporal Stephanie Bietsch

Police Corporal Nathan Broughton

Police Corporal Ryan Crice

Police Corporal Edward Gannon

Police Corporal Stuart Hensley

Police Corporal Sunsan Lee

Police Corporal Kem Taylor

Patrol Officers

Police Officer Amanda King

Police Officer Brian Morrison

Police Officer John O’Hare

Police Officer Meet Parbadia

Police Officer Corey Rourke

Police Officer Andrew Sanavaitis

Police Officer Jacob Simkovitz

Police Officer T. Volpe

Police Officer Adam Will

Police Officer Travis Willis


Detective Jennifer Alfaro


Communications Supervisor Beverley Jackson

Communications Officer Jillian Dupuis

Communications Officer Ashleigh Glorioso

Communications Officer Joshua King

Communications Officer James Panagiotopuolos

Communication Officer Ryan Porter

Public Safety Division

David Lee

David Langley

Joe Hart

Police Records & Administration

Theodore Deeds

 Eric Fowler

Aisha Hameed

Rodney Huff

Michael Marks

Angelica Reyes