Active Threat Resource Officer

Active Threat Resource Officer


Master Police Officer (MPO) Brian Higgins

MPO B. Higgins of George Mason University’s Department of Police and Public Safety has been named the Active Threat Resource Officer. The position was establish to initiate a training program on prevention and response in the case of an active shooter. The program will be developed in collaboration with campus faculty and staff. MPO B. Higgins will provide individuals with the tools and techniques necessary to survive the event.

MPO B. Higgins is a 24 year combat veteran and was part of a Special Reaction Team (SRT) while serving in Iraq. He is a Firearms, Tactics, and Taser Instructor with more than 20 years of military and civilian criminal justice experience. He holds certifications from both the U.S. Army, and the Police community

Classes will be held Monday thru Friday at Police Headquarters room 230.

Members of the campus community needing to schedule a class may contact Officers Crice or Officer Hagenow, via the police department’s dispatch number at 703-993-2810 or by e-mail Ofc. Crice or Ofc. Hagenow.

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