Preventing Violence

Preventing Violence at GMU

Campus Assessment and Intervention Team, CAIT

George Mason University is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. In support of that goal, GMU has a standing team of trained, committed persons who assess and intervene in situations where violence is possible, called the Campus Assessment and Intervention Team (CAIT). CAIT is an interdisciplinary team, with diverse skills and areas of expertise. CAIT was formed in 2008 in compliance with a statute enacted by the Virginia General Assembly, Va. Code § 23-9.2-10

Campus violence prevention depends on you, the GMU community, to notice and refer potentially worrisome behaviors or situations before they result in harm. A person that receives help sooner, rather than later, may be less likely to experience more severe symptoms or cause harm to self or others. Thus, threat assessment is a supportive process, not a disciplinary or punitive one.

The CAIT website was structured from the VT Threat Assessment Team web site.