On Campus and Workplace Violence

The potential for violence to occur on university campuses is an unfortunate reality that all institutions of higher education must prepare for. While these tragic events cannot always be prevented, as a community we can mitigate potential acts of violence by recognizing and intervening in situations that may become violent. Below are resources on how to recognize, prepare, and respond to potential acts of on university campuses violence.

Awareness: Awareness of behaviors and conditions that can lead a person to violence is critical in preventing tragedies on university campuses. More importantly, the university is concerned for the welfare of students, employees, and visitors and will make resources available to individuals dealing with emotional or psychological crisis.   The university strives to be proactive in identifying and responding students of concern, employee issues, and potentially dangerous situations.   Your assistance in bringing potentially violent individuals to the attention of university administrators and university police is critical in mitigating on campus violence.

Prevention: Individuals who are suspected of being capable of violence, in need of counseling, or clinical help will be provided with support and assistance as deemed appropriate and commensurate with their individual circumstances.   Identifying individuals who need help is a responsibility of all students and employees of George Mason University.

Training: The university provides on line and face to face training for students and employees interested in learning more about how to prevent and respond to on campus violence.

Response: The university recommends actions in the event that individuals should find themselves in a threatening situation. A recommended step by step response is listed here.

Resources: University has developed numerous resources to assist the university community in preventing and respond to on campus violence. These resources include training, guidance documents, emergency notification systems, and student services.